The Ground Pork Substitute

Tacos are one of the favorite fun time foods around our house here. In the past we often just use simple ground beef to make our tacos. In the last few years I’ve been deciding to try to use a few different kinds of meats mainly chicken and pork.

I found the ground pork is an excellent substitute when you’re looking for a perfect protein for tacos. One of the ways that I like to prepare my ground pork is exactly like I’ve done with hamburger so many other times before. Simply take a one and a half pound package and either defrost it or let it thaw at room temperature. After you fry it up I like to add seasoningsĀ like salt and pepper and lots of garlic powder. One way to season it simply is just to get a taco pack season mix and add that to your pork.

The reason I like to use ground pork over beef at times is because the price per pound for porkĀ is significantly cheaper. I also enjoy the flavor as it is a very light flavor and carries the seasoning well. Combining this with sauteed onions, green and red peppers with a bit of cilantro, and corn tortilla is an absolute treat for the family. You’ll stretch your dollar and add more food to your table by using the simple solution.

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