Double “O” 7 Style

So this is a different kind of food because most of the time I talk about food that you cook at home. This review is a type of review that you only want to do if you want to have a really fun night out and drop a few bucks. If you ever find yourself in Milwaukee Wisconsin I would highly encourage you to try this adventure. There is a place called specialty imports and it is very hard to find. I would highly suggest that if you’re going to do this night out, that renting a limo from someone like Limos of Madison would be the ideal way to encounter the James Bondish feel that you will experience at extreme imports

So first of all to find this place again I mentioned is important to hire somebody or a taxi or to have that experience in a limo but it’s very difficult to find if you’re not used to Milwaukee. The first time we went to this place we were dropped off by the Limo just down a dark long alley. The driver pointed out that down the road or down the alley way we would find a red door to the left nearly 150 yards away from the limo.

So this experience really was something that got me going, I’ve been a James Bond fan ever since I was 10 years old. When you initially get into the building you are asked for a password or to do something silly and there’s a secret door that opens into a restaurant. It has all kinds of memorabilia from all of the James Bond movies. No one is dissatisfied when it comes to food because they have all kinds of fare from all over the world. You could be really experimental and try all kinds of different things but as this was my first time there I wanted to try something that was known as a staple. What was hilarious is that, here I am at a restaurant that’s themed about James Bond and, the best thing on the menu yet this is a giant half pound prime cut beef burger. Sirloin tips around perfection. I gotta tell you some things, if you’re a James Bond fan and you like beef you have got to go there. Look at the whole experience like this, act like you’re James Bond, ride like your James Bond, and get a limo and just have a blast.


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