Making Naan Bread

If you’re looking for a super easy recipe to make a super tasty bread this is exactly what you need. One of my very favorite types of bread is called naan bread it’s an Eastern style non-leavened bread that is completely flat. This particular bread has a taste like I’ve never had before. It has an elasticity that allows it to be the perfect thread for wrapping any kind of sandwich in as well.

Typically, I first start with is 4 – 6 cups of water and a half pint of yogurt. The best thing to do is to incorporate the flour and the yogurt until it is very elastic. Adding a little bit of salt is always a preferred thing. 1 teaspoon for all of that flower should be just perfect. After you had a chance to incorporate the flour and the yogurt you might need a little bit of water. One thing that I like to do is add in at least one tablespoon of olive oil as well, this seems to help and keep it nice and moist before you bake it on your stove top.

One of the most important things you need to remember when making naan bread is giving it time to relax. After you had an opportunity to combine all of the ingredients, letting your bread rest for at least one and a half hours is preferred. During that time it is it an opportunity for it to become more incorporated.

The best way to use this naan bread is to cut it off in small three inch round balls. After you create these round balls begin rolling them out to the size of a tortilla, that’s the ideal size. Rolling it out and then placing it on a hot griddle or pan will give you a cooking time of about one and a half minutes per side. You will know when it’s done because the bubbles will start popping up on the opposite side of the bread. Flip the bread over and repeat this this process. After the opposite side starts to bubble and boil your bread is done. For best results pull it right off and brush it with a little olive oil, it tastes fantastic this way.


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