Indoor Grillin’

During the winter months I’m always looking for a way to get the taste of summer in my food. Nothing says that better than stovetop grilling hamburgers or steaks. One of the family’s favorite treats is when I make our famous grilled burgers on the stove top.

This recipe that I use starts with about one and a half to two pounds of lean ground beef. I then use about a quarter cup of Worcestershire sauce and thoroughly mix it in with the beef. After I thoroughly incorporated that into the beef – will crack one egg into the raw meat. I will then add salt and pepper to taste as well as some garlic. This is a simple, easy to please, meal for the entire family after I have a good mixture of all of my spices I will portion the burgers out – quarter pound patties. It’s important not to overcook your burgers on the grill and leave them just a little bit pink.

Of course a safe grilling temperature must reach 165 degrees. I prefer to keep mine right on the pink side as to not lose flavor by overcooking. One other way to ensure even extra flavor is by adding small bits of bacon.

One word of safety about grilling indoors. Your hamburger is on a grill top oven or stove so make sure that it is very lean and most of the fat has been trimmed off. Cooking indoors with lots of fat or oils could cause flare ups that could become dangerous in an enclosed space.

Make these burgers for your family and hit a home run tonight. The only thing that could make it an over-the-top Grand Slam is by toasting a kaiser bun with a little bit of butter. For food reviews, great recipes and awesome treats stay tuned to this food blog


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