Family Dinners on the Go

My name is Dan Dingmore and I am from northeastern Iowa. My family and I also we live in an area that is highly prized for beef and pork still somewhat live on a food island.

So what is a food island? Where we live in northeast Iowa has some of the best grain producing property per square inch in the world. With that comes all the other animals that come in a large stable of the farm.

However the old school small mom and pop farm are a dying breed. With that has come the industrialization of the food that we eat. The small farmers markets are far and few between. So when I say, food island, I’m talking about a place where very few choices are offered with the highest quality of inspection in mind.

Luckily however, living and growing up in northeastern Iowa I have still been able to stay connected with some deep roots in the farm community. This has offered my family a true taste of simple and healthy living through being able to purchase pork in small lots as well as Black Angus beef, free of the hormones from feedlots.

I think it’s important for you to know that the type of blogger that I am comes from somebody that is deep seated in Midwestern roots and values. And has seen much change, in their 40 years in the Midwest, since I grew up to where now my children, their choices, and their children’s choices will be affected by the decisions that we make today.

Food is life! So if I seemed a little passionate about it, it’s because I have seen how it can change lives. Not only the people around us but also feeding hungry and needy people around the world.

In this blog I will attempt to answer a variety of types of scenarios and questions that many of us go through on a daily basis. For instance how do you cook for a family that’s always on the run? So today while I’m writing this blog is important that you know I’m a man, I’m 40 years old, I’m married, and I have 3 kids. So when I think about food I’m thinking about saving money and I’m thinking about providing good high quality proteins and a well-balanced diet to my family at a good budget.

Now that I’ve been able to introduce myself, in my next blog I will attempt to go over a couple of simple tricks that help me and my family save money and get healthier with the types of food by buying them in bulk.

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