Indoor Grillin’

During the winter months I’m always looking for a way to get the taste of summer in my food. Nothing says that better than stovetop grilling hamburgers or steaks. One of the family’s favorite treats is when I make our famous grilled burgers on the stove top.

This recipe that I use starts with about one and a half to two pounds of lean ground beef. I then use about a quarter cup of Worcestershire sauce and thoroughly mix it in with the beef. After I thoroughly incorporated that into the beef – will crack one egg into the raw meat. I will then add salt and pepper to taste as well as some garlic. This is a simple, easy to please, meal for the entire family after I have a good mixture of all of my spices I will portion the burgers out – quarter pound patties. It’s important not to overcook your burgers on the grill and leave them just a little bit pink.

Of course a safe grilling temperature must reach 165 degrees. I prefer to keep mine right on the pink side as to not lose flavor by overcooking. One other way to ensure even extra flavor is by adding small bits of bacon.

One word of safety about grilling indoors. Your hamburger is on a grill top oven or stove so make sure that it is very lean and most of the fat has been trimmed off. Cooking indoors with lots of fat or oils could cause flare ups that could become dangerous in an enclosed space.

Make these burgers for your family and hit a home run tonight. The only thing that could make it an over-the-top Grand Slam is by toasting a kaiser bun with a little bit of butter. For food reviews, great recipes and awesome treats stay tuned to this food blog


Saving Time with Crock Pot Cooking

If you have been following my food review blog you will have noticed that I am someone that lives with 3 kids and a wife so larger meals are important to us to sit down to have together. But time is always of the essence and having enough time to prepare a good tasty and healthy meal can be a challenge for all.

One of my family’s tried and true ways of making a good healthy meal is by the usage of our crock pot. This allows you to slow roast leave for several hours and when you get home the meal is prepared and ready to eat. One of my favorite meals to prepare in a crock pot is a pork loin. Take 3 and a half pounds of pork loin still frozen. Set it into the crock pot and add potatoes and any seasonal vegetables that you might enjoy. By slow roasting this for 8 to 10 hours you’re able to come home to a deliciously prepared pork loin. One of the added benefits of slow roasting is the meat falls apart in your mouth. One way that my family enjoys our pork loin is my adding French onion soup to the crock pot. It gives it a bit more essence and flavor. I will be adding several other simple recipes that you can rely on.

There’s nothing quite like coming home to a meal that is prepared for you and you haven’t spent a lot of time working on it. The crock pot has been a game changer for our family. One of the things that you must think about when preparing with a crock pot is do you have a large enough crockpot. Also another consideration that I take to mind is how I initially prepare a piece of protein could make a difference on how I use those leftovers. Being smart about how you prepare your protein and a crock pot will help you stretch your grocery dollars long term. This simple trick has helped me and my family save thousands of dollars in groceries by simply preplanning our meals.

Buying in Bulk for a Family

As I mentioned in my previous blog, my biography, a bit of who I am; a male, 40 years old, married, with 3 kids.

So staying on a budget is a real thing for our family. One of the ways that I have found to save over 30% on my grocery bill is by purchasing beef and pork in larger quantities. One trick to saving that kind of money is locating an excellent local farmer that only raises small herds of cattle and hogs.

If you’re not motivated yet to go out and make that connection or find that farmer then, next time you go to the grocery store start looking at what you’re paying for protein. Keep the grocery bill on hand now for the next month of your spend. And then over the next 12 months imagine what that might be. Initially, the purchase of a hog or a side of beef or even a quarter side of beef is cost prohibitive. Really if you want to know what the price of pork or beef is take a look online because it is traded on the New York Stock Exchange daily. The only cost that has a fluctuation per pound would be your processing and so here is something to consider.

If you have a family that eats beef or pork decide on whether you need a whole hog or half hog. Know one thing, the total weight on the hook is about 40% less off the hook in total yielded. So if you get a dog that weighs 100 pounds on the hook you can expect about 60% of that or 60 pounds of that to be true pure protein.

Beef yields are about the same so it’s important to kind of look at the trajectory of how your family uses beef and pork in its daily, weekly, and monthly routine in the recipes or family routines. It’s also important to take into consideration how you have that beef or pork processed. Here is a stopping point that you will want to take a few minutes to get some advice from someone. Because we have 3 kids, it was important to me that we had more ground beef to be used for hamburgers or skillet type meals that it could be a great base for. So I decided to ground more top sirloin, giving me a lower percentage in fat and a higher end product. The other thing that was important is how to decide you want it packaged. I decided with 3 kids, my wife, and me that of one and a half pound package would be ideal when I would be preparing meals. Anything more than that, for instance two pounds, I found was just too much and even wasteful.

Family Dinners on the Go

My name is Dan Dingmore and I am from northeastern Iowa. My family and I also we live in an area that is highly prized for beef and pork still somewhat live on a food island.

So what is a food island? Where we live in northeast Iowa has some of the best grain producing property per square inch in the world. With that comes all the other animals that come in a large stable of the farm.

However the old school small mom and pop farm are a dying breed. With that has come the industrialization of the food that we eat. The small farmers markets are far and few between. So when I say, food island, I’m talking about a place where very few choices are offered with the highest quality of inspection in mind.

Luckily however, living and growing up in northeastern Iowa I have still been able to stay connected with some deep roots in the farm community. This has offered my family a true taste of simple and healthy living through being able to purchase pork in small lots as well as Black Angus beef, free of the hormones from feedlots.

I think it’s important for you to know that the type of blogger that I am comes from somebody that is deep seated in Midwestern roots and values. And has seen much change, in their 40 years in the Midwest, since I grew up to where now my children, their choices, and their children’s choices will be affected by the decisions that we make today.

Food is life! So if I seemed a little passionate about it, it’s because I have seen how it can change lives. Not only the people around us but also feeding hungry and needy people around the world.

In this blog I will attempt to answer a variety of types of scenarios and questions that many of us go through on a daily basis. For instance how do you cook for a family that’s always on the run? So today while I’m writing this blog is important that you know I’m a man, I’m 40 years old, I’m married, and I have 3 kids. So when I think about food I’m thinking about saving money and I’m thinking about providing good high quality proteins and a well-balanced diet to my family at a good budget.

Now that I’ve been able to introduce myself, in my next blog I will attempt to go over a couple of simple tricks that help me and my family save money and get healthier with the types of food by buying them in bulk.